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Letter: NOTLers … Why not?

Dear editor: I would appreciate the opportunity to rebut Dolores Hindle-Derbyshire’s opinion that “NOTLers” is not an appropriate nickname for those who live in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I do so with appreciation that The Lake

Letter: Yes, we are NOTLers. And proud of it

Dear editor: Last week’s letter, “‘NOTLers’ is not an appropriate nickname” was deeply misguided. We need only look to our friends the Quebecers, New Yorkers and Yukoners to see the writer’s mistake. Do

Letter: Guide offers tips for preventing oak wilt

Dear editor: Responding to the discovery of a case of oak wilt at Niagara College, the Chautauqua Oaks Project, in consultation with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, has completed an inspection of the

Letter: Council did the right thing in funding crosswalk

Dear editor: Letter writer Derek Collins’ complaint that maintaining the rainbow crosswalk deprives residents of some democratic process (“Taxpayers deserve a say regarding costs for rainbow crosswalk,” Aug. 17), declaring it “an important

Letter: Shred-it proves to be a huge success

Dear editor: On behalf of Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Palliative Care Service, we are happy to report that our Shred-it fundraiser was a huge success on Saturday. We thought that with a paperless world developing


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