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Letter: Now we know what a ‘five-star hotel’ entails
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

The Lake Report’s Arch-i-text column by Brian Marshall parsing of the meaning of a “five -star hotel” was fascinating reading, (“Luxury Parliament Oak hotel is pie-in-the-sky,” July 4).

I had no idea what a five-star hotel entailed and I suspect none of those who support the Parliament Oak plan and threw that phrase out did either.

Now I know. It is rather like the overworked phrase when people do try to plump their home city as “world class.”

It is meaningless unless you actually do a deep dive into the phrase, as Mr. Marshall has done.

As a longtime heritage volunteer activist, my first reaction to hearing that the Parliament Oak school would be repurposed as a five-star hotel was, what does that mean?

It appears to demean all the other very fine hotel accommodations available in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

It becomes apparent that few, if any, know what the phrase means, other than the intrepid Mr. Marshall.

I have never met Mr. Marshall but I do read and respect his knowledgeable columns.

Gail Benjafield
St. Catharines 

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