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Letter: NOTL rises above in election

Dear editor: What a pleasure it is to live in a community where at election time the losers congratulate the winners and offer their support. No talk of election fraud or flawed voting

Letter: Looking forward to the next four years

Dear editor: I am disappointed with outgoing Lord Mayor Betty Disero’s reaction and refusal to speak to The Lake Report after her election loss last Monday night, (“After four years, Disero passes mayoral

Letter: Planning, development and NOTL’s future

Dear editor: The provincial Planning Act has the final say on all development in the province, including the town. Niagara-on-the-Lake’s official plan, although important, does not have the final say. Development in this

Letter: Congratulations on a job well done

Dear editor: Congrats again. The Lake Report crew puts out a great paper and it succeeds at a time when people are leaving print media. The issued published Oct. 13, including your Election

Letter: First there were NIMBYs …

Dear editor: I read this in the September edition of the Economist and changed it to suit our situation in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Pity the poor developer who is opposed by all these NIMBYs (Not

Letter: Gambling on sports and on our future

Dear editor: Ross’s Ramblings regarding Wayne Gretzky promoting betting on sports made interesting reading, (“Using hockey stars to promote gambling is offensive,” Oct. 6). I have been thinking the same thing for quite

Letter: I trust mayor’s judgment and approach

Dear editor: In the Oct. 6 edition of The Lake Report, letter writer Peter Rusin complains of Lord Mayor Betty Disero’s anger at Vaughn Goetler’s insults to her (“Goettler’s approach preferred to mayor’s


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