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Letter: Development naysayers are an endless source of amusement
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I look forward to enjoying my fresh read of The Lake Report every week to see if the Old Town complainers will ever run out of adjectives and other mumbo jumbo in each of their independently prepared complaint submissions regarding new development.

Extremely, warped, egregious, inappropriate, political crime and betrayed are some of my favourites, but civil unrest and reference to Disneyland are truly funny.

The nature of these complaints appears to have become acceptable for some, although not everyone, and that warrants more voices from the other side.

People should also remember that before these complaining-type folks started to occupy their little piece of dirt, the larger geographical area was in a constant state of transformation. In that historical recognition, the only people who arguably have a right to voice grievances are the Indigenous.

We all have very little time to be unhappy. So, let’s all assist in supporting the new hotel developments, and in 100 years or so these beautiful hotels will mature to heritage status, which may make the current complainers happy.

I would also like to add two more words to the complaint submissions department: arrogant and goody-goody.

Peter Rusin
St. Davids

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