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Friday, December 8, 2023
Letter: We need more speed cameras, not fewer
Letter to the editor. Supplied

Dear editor:

I have never understood why some people think that speed cameras are a money grab, (“Speed camera near Virgil school is just a cash grab,” Letter, Sept. 21).

A money grab would be an unnecessary law introduced only to trap the unsuspecting.

In this case, however, the law has been introduced to save lives.

The speed limits are clear. You may agree with them or not but you have to follow them.

The region has to monitor the speed limits. Cameras automate the monitoring process and thus save us the cost of having a person do it.

They also make sure that no one can speed in that zone.

If we are OK with the speed limit why would we object to the cost-efficient monitoring of it?

It follows there is another reason and it must be that some people want to be able to speed but not get caught.

This happens on the roads around here all the time, as we well know, even with the speed limits – which means we need more cameras not fewer.

Jackie Bonic


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