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Letter: On council salary raise and library neutrality
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I am fully supportive of increasing our council members salaries to $30,000, however, without increasing our taxes (editorial, “A fairer wage for town councillors,” The Lake Report, May 9).

Prior to our next budget, if outraged residents rebel en masse against the almost $1 million dollars allocated to our woke library clique, there will be lots of surplus cash to pay councillors more.

One of those campaigning for library neutrality, Jeff Sykes, was right on target when he questioned council’s oversight of nearly $1 million in tax money allocated to the library.

He notes that “council needs to oversee its budget, expenditures and conduct on behalf of the taxpayer. (“Town rejects library neutrality group’s bid to address council,” The Lake Report, May 9.)

And as library neutrality group member Tony Powell stated, “We are not going away. This does not end the matter.”

Council and the library board need to address the community backlash and the desire to greatly reduce or completely defund the library until there is a complete house cleaning and a new direction to satisfy the aspirations of taxpayers.

Samuel Young

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