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Ross’s Ramblings: Mother’s Day downtown was the kindest day of the year
Caroline and Ryan McDermott from Mississauga were married at the NOTL Court House in 2017. Now parents, they returned on Mother’s Day to spend some time with their son Lachlan and baby Piper. ROSS ROBINSON

Thousands of tulips were effulgent, in so many colours, and the people walking on Queen Street were so happy and friendly and kind.

In our stressful world, with so many people suffering so much, how fortunate we were to have such perfect weather in our wonderful hometown.

The continuing horrors in Gaza and Ukraine, so many hungry and lonely people around the world — and we enjoyed a perfect Mother’s Day on Queen Street.

Family members reaching across generations, helping each other along the sidewalks, stopping to take pictures with the vibrant tulips.

Grandparents pushing cute little ones in strollers and wagons, and little ones helping grandparents using walkers and wheelchairs.

Senior citizens being treated to lunch or dinner at our unique and varied restaurants.

Agatha, the manager at Corks and Mama Cucina, told me that every one of their hundreds of guests on Mother’s Day was in a good and pleasant mood.

Everyone was being kind to everyone else, smiling while they enjoyed their Mother’s Day meal. Dressed up so nicely and with extra smiles.

Nobody showed up for my 3 p.m. Walking Tour, so I spent extra time on the front steps of the Court House, people watching, being observant as the world passed by.

So much kindness. Strangers from so many parts of our world, wearing different clothing styles, making way for each other.

Sharing the benches, taking so many pictures of each other in front of the Court House and the tulips, to be sent around the world to friends and family.

Our Niagara-on-the-Lake is a gem. Yes, a world-class gem, especially on one of the first sunny and warm days of this spring.

I noticed how patient people are with family members who need a little extra help to get along: parents of children who require a push or a pull, or an extra bit of guidance and attention.

These moms and dads should be sainted, as they are in it for the long haul.

Unconditional love, not at all transactional. And not for cocktail fodder, like so many parents who seem to live to brag about their kids playing travel hockey or top-tier soccer.

Something to talk about at parties and the exciting, expensive weekend tournament in Oshawa or Brantford.

My pal Joe, for example, whose twin daughter Julianne was an absolute joy to watch as she competed in high school parasports, winning medals in various running events.

Where did he and Bernadette find such unending patience and love?

A friend of his once mentioned to him how lucky he and his wife felt to have three perfectly healthy children.

Joe kindly and gently called him out, saying he felt lucky too, having learned a different definition of the word love. Unconditional, forever, as long as Julianne graced their family.

After lots of hours on Queen Street watching happy people being kind and gentle with one another, I wandered over for a cold Oast House Barnraiser on the Butler’s Sports Bar & Grill patio.

I had a very pleasant Mother’s Day chat with my friend Bashar Haddad and his family.

Grade 3 student Shebl was treating his mother Hala to a special dinner. She told me that Syrian mothers living in Canada are doubly fortunate and loved.

Back in Aleppo, the first day of spring is also celebrated, as mothers give life and hope to the world.

So, Hala enjoyed a Mother’s Day dinner treat in April and now again in mid-May.

The good life here in Canada, eh?

So, this is all full of love and kindness. But I have never lived in a place where I had to pay for gas in advance, or lock my front door or bike.

Even when on vacation from Chautauqua, we left our doors unlocked.

So, what happened on Mother’s Day this year?

I left my bike unlocked for 20 minutes in front of The Lake Report newsroom and somebody stole it.

And, in the basket, my very efficient agenda, which has kept me organized since 1979. I overuse it and have been totally lost for the past few days.

The one speed beater bike has been replaced. But if you have found a bright yellow No Frills shopping bag, with my agenda inside, kindly drop it off at The Lake Report newsroom at 496 Mississauga St.

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