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Letter of the Week: Be patient and share the road with cyclists
Members of the Amici Per la Vita Niagara cycling club follow the rules of the road, says letter writer Frank Hayes. He asks drivers to be patient and courteous. FRANK HAYES

Dear editor:

This is the time of the year when the Amici Per la Vita Niagara cycling club (and a great many other cyclists) take to the roads to enjoy the beautiful playground we have in our area.

Our club is a group of 100-plus mature riders who take our cycling seriously — and that means we hold training classes to bring new members into the club and we teach them how to ride safely.

All ride groups have ride leaders and they keep the group focused.

We have always enjoyed safe roadways thanks to Niagara drivers who are aware of our presence and drive patiently.

However, the tourist season brings increased traffic volumes and patience sometimes wears thinner than normal.

So, here are a few guidelines on how we will cycle so that you can understand how we move on the roads.

On quieter roads, we will ride two abreast and change to single file on busier stretches. In either scenario, drivers are obliged to only pass when they can do so with a one-metre gap between their vehicle and our bikes.

If the one-metre gap is not possible, then please slow, stay behind us and wait until it is safe to pass.

A courteous beep to let us know of your presence is great. Blaring the horn is not.

We will ride one metre from the edge of the road and we may weave into the centre of the lane to avoid dead branches, roadkill, potholes, etc.

We promote safe cycling, so we abide by the law. We do not blow through stop lights or stop signs. We are all wearing club gear, so if you see anyone misbehave, please send an email with details via the club’s website and it will be addressed.

Our ride leaders are trained in first aid and all of our riders are insured.

Cyclists do dress oddly, but underneath it all, we are people, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and we are expected to arrive home safely after a ride and sit at the dinner table with our loved ones.

We do all that we possibly can to make sure that we do not become a statistic and we truly appreciate your courtesy and consideration with this.

Our bikes all have more than the legal minimum for equipment, including bells, lights front and rear, helmets and many also have front and rear cameras.

We will use hand signals to make our intentions clear to those around us.

We wish everyone a great summer. And if you want to check us out, go to aplvncc.ca and consider coming out for a free group ride with us.

We offer several different categories, A, B, C and recreational. It’s a great way to meet new friends.

Most of our rides begin at Firemen’s Park at Mountain Road and Dorchester and we often cycle through urban and rural areas of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Frank Hayes
St. Davids

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