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Letter: Speed camera near Virgil school is just a cash grab
A sign near Crossroads Public School warns drivers that a speed camera is soon to be installed. FILE PHOTO FILE

Dear editor:

You may have noticed a new sign on Niagara Stone Road near Crossroads Public School in Virgil. It says, “Municipal speed camera coming soon.”

The road is a regional jurisdiction and the speed cameras are part of a region-wide traffic safety plan called the Vision Zero Road Safety Program.

If you are a certain age you will remember a project launched in 1994 by Premier Bob Rae’s provincial NDP government. It had vans with speed cameras on the 400-series highways.

Many people vehemently opposed them and it became a campaign issue that led to the defeat of the NDP and the election of Mike Harris as premier in 1995.

Some other municipalities have introduced speed cameras and reconsidered the idea after the objections from the community.

It is considered by some people to be a money grab by municipalities.

During this period of trying to discuss tourism and attract more visitors to our community, our leaders are providing another argument for people not coming back if they get a speeding ticket in the mail.

What evidence is there of the need for this extraordinary initiative?

Derek Insley

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