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Friday, March 24, 2023
Jill Troyer

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Newborn foals a source of joy in difficult year for NOTL stable

Two adorable new arrivals are bringing big smiles to everyone at Red Ribbon Stables, and even drivers passing by the paddock on Concession 6 can’t resist slowing down for a better look at the new filly and colt scampering about under their moms’ watchful gaze.

Life in the Pandemic: Finding ways to help others

Even when organized activities are suspended, NOTLers find ways to have an impact Editor's Note: Life since COVID-19 has changed things for all of us. We’ve experienced hardships, heartaches and challenges, but also new

Cold weather triggers icewine harvest

Early Thursday morning, in the pre-dawn gloom, with snowflakes gently drifting down, the magic moment arrived. It's the moment Niagara winemakers and grape growers wait for every winter. The temperature plunged to -8C and it was finally

Life in the Pandemic: Some silver linings

Editor's Note: Life since COVID-19 has changed things for all of us. We’ve experienced hardships, heartaches, and challenges, but also new and sometimes unexpected reasons to be thankful. This new Lake Report series

Fort Erie SPCA complaints prompt review by town

Accusations highlight lack of oversight for shelters across Ontario   Fort Erie town council has voted to expedite a budget request for $30,000 to get a legal and veterinarian review of a potential animal welfare

NOTL wineries making most of a difficult season

NOTL wineries lost time early in the tourist season when they were largely shut down, but they've made the most of the opportunities they've had since then.   Wineries large and small have adapted to serve guests safely as

Campaign to cut wine tax gathering steam

More than 3,000 people have signed a petition calling on the provincial government to eliminate a 6.1 per cent tax on wine sold at wineries.  The petition was launched by Ontario Craft Wineries and their president, Richard


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