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Wine industry pioneers plant first new vines at Lailey Vineyards
Donna Lailey puts the shovel in the ground to plant new Cabernet Sauvignon vines (Don Reynolds)

Donna and David Lailey founded the NOTL winery in the 1970s



Under warm sunshine and blues skies on Friday, the first shovel went into the ground at Lailey Vineyards to plant new vines on the property.

That shovel was wielded by Donna Lailey, who was there with her husband David. The couple founded the vineyard in the 1970s. 

New owner Matt Turkmen said it was important to him for the Laileys to plant the first vines in the renewal of the vineyard.  

“They are a part of this property forever. I thought it was more meaningful to name a block in the vineyard after each of them than to dedicate a building or boardroom to them,” he said. 

“I am thrilled that he is the one doing the replanting, because I know he will do the very best job possible,” said Donna Lailey. 

“It’s exciting for me to see what’s going on,” she added.

The old vines on the property are being gradually replaced, in part because of neglect by previous owners from 2015 to 2021, before Turkmen bought the property. 

Other factors in the decision to replant include damage to the vines due to extreme cold the winter before last, and the presence of grapevine viruses.  

The whole vineyard will be replanted over the next three years, beginning with the blocks named for Donna and David Lailey this season. 

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