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Niagara Falls
Monday, February 6, 2023
Jill Troyer

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Orange is the new white

 Southbrook steps back in time to create one of its most popular wines   Everything old is new again when it comes to producing one of the most popular white wines at Southbrook Organic

NOTL wineries strike gold at national awards

Visitors to Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries will soon see some of the wine bottles sporting stickers to boast their award-winning status. The 2022 Wine Align National Wine Awards of Canada were released last week and

New winery owner is honouring the Lailey legacy

Faik Turkmen regards the vineyard's legacy with respect – and the founders are delighted  Lailey Winery on the Niagara Parkway has a new owner – and founders Dave and Donna Lailey say they’re “thrilled.”  Faik Turkmen,

Hiking seriesexplores Black history in NOTL

Black history in Niagara is complex, with deep roots that encompass slavery as well as the people and events that pushed for freedom and gave safe haven as part of the Underground Railroad. 

Vineyards crank up giant fans forfirst time this winter

When temperatures hit -18C or lower vines can suffer serious damage Unexpectedly frigid temperatures last weekend meant the wind machines were running in many vineyards around Niagara-on-the-Lake early Sunday morning.   The giant fans are used

Restaurants adapt to yet another lockdown

With a weary sense of deja vu, NOTL restaurateurs have once again closed their doors to indoor diners and turned their focus to takeout food.  Chairs are empty, cardboard cartons are piled on

Soggy September keeps harvest plans fluid

A 'stunning' year for some grapes, but picking conditions are tricky     Heavy rainfall in September has created challenging conditions for the annual grape harvest. “It puts pressure on growers,” says Gavin Robertson, winemaker

Newborn foals a source of joy in difficult year for NOTL stable

Two adorable new arrivals are bringing big smiles to everyone at Red Ribbon Stables, and even drivers passing by the paddock on Concession 6 can’t resist slowing down for a better look at the new filly and colt scampering about under their moms’ watchful gaze.


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