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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Letter: Town’s excuse for not ‘shopping NOTL’ is disgraceful

Dear editor:

Referencing last week’s article (“Town was unaware Lawson Signcrafters could fill ShopNOTL order“), the statement from the town that they were “unaware” the local sign maker was capable of providing the signs for the ShopNOTL campaign is disgraceful on so many levels.

Yes, the contract was below the threshold for mandatory tendering, but c’mon people.

This is a tiny town and let’s face it — everyone in business knows everyone.

If anyone was seriously thinking about actually shopping NOTL they should have known there was a local option. 

Given the objectives to support local business, especially small business, “unaware” is an unacceptable position from the town.
And saying “we will consider them for future work” kinda rings hollow.
If the town really means to support local business, then please start acting like it.
There is an election coming up — maybe the candidates will accept the challenge to show they mean what they say about supporting local and send their sign business to Lawson.
Dow Wright
St. Davids