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Letter: Public supports library, but not the board
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Dear editor:

I expect the failure of our library board to resign en masse will result in a town funding backlash come budget time.

In your online story after last Wednesday’s library board meeting (NOTL library board remains tightlipped about firing of CEO Cathy Simpson), co-chair Wayne Scott stated that with regards to how people in the community feel about it, “He is confident the community still supports the library.”

That is correct.

However, people do not support the board or its decision to fire chief librarian Cathy Simpson.

Scott further states, regarding the magnitude of the community backlash: “I personally don’t have enough of a network in the community to make a judgment.”

Why not? You are on the board and should have a sense of the residents’ reading aspirations and their overwhelming support for Simpson.

Why was the NOTL Library Neutrality group formed? Your failure to resign and instead allow the tail to wag the dog, by bowing to a group of employees who colluded and stabbed Simpson in the back will come back to haunt you at budget time.

I, for one, support the library but will vehemently oppose spending a dime of my taxpayer money to support it while this board remains in power.

Furthermore, I will financially support the NOTL Library Neutrality group should it expand its opposition base and decide to rent the community centre for a taxpayer vote on future funding.

The narrative in the media may have temporarily abated, but not the overwhelming taxpayers’ sentiments for the greater good and to not be censored in what they read.

We have long memories.

Samuel Young

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