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Town was unaware Lawson Signcrafters could fill ShopNOTL order
The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake was criticized by a NOTL signmaker for using a Mississauga based printing company for it's ShopNOTL campaign encouraging people to use local businesses.

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake did not know that NOTL’s only sign-making business was capable of filling its order for ShopNOTL banners, a spokesperson says.

As reported last week, Taylor Lawson of Lawson Signcrafters expressed frustration that the municipality used an out of town signmaker for its ShopNOTL campaign.

The campaign encourages people to purchase from NOTL businesses.

“At the time, the town was not aware that Mr. Lawson’s business included the development of large banner signs as required for the ShopNOTL campaign,” spokesperson Marah Minor said in an email.

Lawson Signcrafters is the only sign printing business in NOTL.

In a series of emails earlier this year, Lawson tried to contact the town and find out what kind of work it needed done for the campaign and who would be printing the signs.

He never got a response. But The Lake Report did.

“Classic Displays (in Mississauga) printed the signs. This company has done some banners for the town in the past and has previously overseen some dismantling and installation of banners and signage on municipal flag poles,” said Minor.

Minor said the project never went out to tender as the town is not required to do so for projects under $5,000.

She said the work done by Classic Displays cost $3,000.

Minor said the town would be considering Lawson’s business for any future printing needs.

However, as of July 12, Lawson said the town had not reached out to him about the project.

The town is in the process of preparing the second phase of its ShopNOTL campaign. 

It is being funded by $10,000 from the Region of Niagara buy local micro grant, according to a town news release.

The program will target residents of Niagara and the Greater Toronto Area with digital advertisements, videos, social media visuals, blog posts, and radio, newspaper and GO train advertisements, the statement says.

More than 270 NOTL businesses are already part of the platform.

“The town is delighted to receive this grant to help support and enhance our ShopNOTL platform,” chief administrator Marnie Cluckie said.

Details about the promotional campaign can be found at www.shopnotl.ca.

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