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Friday, December 8, 2023
Letter: Speed camera coming to Virgil in January
A sign near Crossroads Public School warns drivers that a speed camera is soon to be installed. FILE PHOTO FILE

Dear editor:

I earlier protested the upcoming installation of a speed camera near Crossroads Public School (“Speed camera near Virgil school is just a cash grab,” letter, Sept. 21), as it has historically proved to be an inefficient method of speed control.

It is just a cash grab by the government, another way to add a tax to our already overburdened system.

This location will be receiving its camera in January. It will be one of four owned by the region and moved periodically to different communities.

The four communities that now have them have been complaining to the region about the cameras since they were installed.

The region will be moving the cameras around to ensure a maximum opportunity to grab as much money as it can.

This suggests that the argument of installing these cameras is to provide a more secure community is less than sincere.

If the argument was sincere, the region would leave the camera in place to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The best solution for residents while the Niagara-on-the-Lake camera is in operation is to bypass the area.

Drivers can use the back roads, putting more pressure on those roads and further disrupting those communities, just as we have been doing during this summer’s road reconstruction in Virgil.

Let the tourists pay for this safety solution.

Derek Insley

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