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Friday, December 8, 2023
Letter: Excess tourism brings many destructive elements
Letter to the editor. Supplied

Dear editor:

I wanted to express my total agreement with the extremely well-thought out letter from Lydia Madonia, (“Over-tourism, development could hurt NOTL,” Sept. 21).

Her points about the consequences of over-tourism have already been validated by the protests of such famous destinations as Barcelona and Venice.

These places may be in a different class than Niagara-on-the-Lake but nonetheless prove the point that tourism brings many unwanted and downright destructive elements with it when it becomes overwhelming.

Too many souvenir shops, ice cream stores and expensive hotels can certainly cause visitors to eventually become disenchanted with a town.

Assessing how many is too many must surely be the responsibility of our elected officials and planning department. Can more and more hotels with $400 and $500-plus per night rooms really be filled?

Priorities should be given to making this town a desirable, planned community where older people, young families and singles can all be provided with residential services like medical, transport and local retail before random development.

Ann Handels

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