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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Letter: Critique was cheap shot at mayor
Lord Mayor Betty Disero.
Lord Mayor Betty Disero. Evan Saunders (File)

Dear editor:

I was a bit surprised when I read Reid Maltby’s letter apparently criticizing, without actually saying so, Lord Mayor Betty Disero’s behaviour some 20 years ago, (“Consider mayor’s actions and her Toronto legacy“).

He refers to undefined articles by Toronto newspapers, describing them as the “three dailies,” which I understand are the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, and the Globe and Mail.

He goes on to make reference to a 2003 article in Now Magazine that no one would call a daily let alone a newspaper.

It was a left-wing entertainment and scandal tabloid.

Even then, the article cited does little more than generally critique Toronto city council and several of its members, using questions, innuendo and allegations rather than facts.

It is unfortunate that your editor published what can best be described as a cheap shot at Ms. Disero.

Bert Dandy

Niagara Falls