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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Letter: Consider mayor’s actions and her Toronto legacy
Lord Mayor Betty Disero.
Lord Mayor Betty Disero. Evan Saunders (File)

Dear editor:

I enjoyed Marlene Penner’s comments (The mayor, her husband and neighbourhood complaint, The Lake Report, Aug. 4) and would like to add to them.
I would ask readers to Google the Toronto newspapers from Lord Mayor Betty Disero’s time as a city councillor 20-odd years ago.
The three dailies devoted considerable space to some questionable practices that occurred  while she was a councillor.
But my favourite headline is from Now Magazine: “The rot goes deeper” … an article that discusses one of the more infamous escapades that happened when Disero was a councillor.
Please consider the lord mayor’s recent actions and her Toronto legacy. There’s an election coming. The rot stops here.
Reid Maltby