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Monday, September 25, 2023
Letter: Appreciated article about allegations against mayor
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Dear editor:

Thank you for your outstanding article about Lord Mayor Betty Disero and allegations involving a bylaw complaint filed by her husband, (“Secret recording claims Disero knew about husband’s complaint,” Oct. 20).

One of the only things that surprised me was Disero’s insistence that former town administrator Sheldon Randall’s allegations are part of yet another smear campaign.

Possibly disgraced former U.S. president Richard Nixon is the only politician who faced more smear campaigns than Disero.

And might I suggest the creation of a competence commission to monitor the integrity commission led by lawyer Edward McDermott.

McDermott: “Are you lying?”

Disero: “No, I’m not.”

McDermott: “Well, OK then.”

Reid Maltby


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