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Friday, July 12, 2024
Vaccines likely won’t be diverted, Hirji now says


A week ago, Dr. Mustafa Hirji, acting chief medical officer of health for Niagara Region, said he thought Niagara could see some of its vaccines diverted to other COVID-19 hotspots.

However, this week he said it appears that increased supply means Niagara won’t lose any vaccines.

Instead, he said it’s likely the new unexpected supply will be distributed to those hotspot areas.

While there have been some concerns about disruption to the vaccine supply, his sense is that’s “unlikely to be the case.”

“While there's been some instability in some of the vaccines, the Pfizer vaccine, which is really the mainstay of our vaccination program in Ontario, that seems to be coming in reliably,” he said.

“And it looks like the amount of doses are actually going to be increasing by the time we get to June. So I would think that the biggest concern is really just our discipline to stick out with some of these stay-at-home measures through to the early part of June.”


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