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Friday, February 3, 2023
Anti-lockdown folks won’t talk about it

Amid protests in some communities, in mainly rural areas in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a small minority of people have been putting up signs challenging the province’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

The signs contain messages like “No more lockdowns” and “#Justsayno.”

However, among several people we contacted who posted signs at the roadside, none were willing to go on the record to talk about their stance. Others didn’t answer the door when a reporter stopped by.

One example is a home at 770 Lakeshore Rd.

The owner of the property said she had “no interest” in speaking about why she felt lockdowns are not necessary. Instead, she encouraged The Lake Report to publish an “unedited and anonymous” article.

The Lake Report does not publish anonymous letters as the paper’s editorial policy is that if people believe what they’re saying, then they should put their name behind it.

Another Lakeshore Road resident at 1037 Lakeshore Rd., who said his name is Trevor, also wouldn’t speak on the record about his anti-lockdown sign, saying he preferred to “let the sign speak for itself.”

It seems these folks don’t have much conviction, or maybe they are embarrassed with themselves. One can only speculate.

Editor’s note: We are not promoting the idea of no more lockdowns but if you are someone who is against the ongoing shutdowns and restrictions – and are not afraid to put your name behind your opinion – send an email to editor@
niagaranow.com. Tell us why you feel that way.

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