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GoFundMe for cat rescued from Old Town roadside

A GoFundMe campaign is raising money for an injured cat named Hazel that was rescued from the side of Ricardo Street near Queen’s Landing Jan. 26.

Hazel was dropped off at NOTL Cats Rescue, a non-profit organization that helps felines in need.

“She was scanned but has no microchip,” the fundraiser by Elizabeth Pilzecker says. Postings have been made on various Facebook sites and with the humane society but no one has claimed her.

“Her back legs are very weak and she can barely walk. After X-rays and sedation at the vet, she still needs more tests to treat her injury. Thankfully, she has no broken bones, but badly bruised internally. She is on pain medication. Any donations toward her vet costs would be greatly appreciated.”

When reached by The Lake Report, Pilzecker said she believes Hazel had a home, “because she’s friendly, she’s lovable.”

“But no one’s coming forward.”

She said NOTL Cats Rescue usually rescues about 80 to 100 cats. In 2020, it helped 88 cats.

Often pets are unclaimed because someone has decided they don’t want the cat anymore.

“Sometimes the cats truly are lost and other cats (people) just don’t want them,” Pilzecker said.

She reminds cat lovers that there is no shortage of cats up for adoption from NOTL Cats Rescue.

As of Wednesday eventing, the GoFundMe had raised $795 of its $1,000 goal.

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