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Christmas trees selling quickly at annual Lions fundraiser

Everywhere man Terry Flynn says the Christmas trees at the Niagara Lions annual fundraiser are hot sellers this year.

“It's been a crazy and I know it's gonna stay crazy,” he said as a steady line of people rolled up to purchase trees Saturday in the parking lot of Cornerstone Community Church in Virgil.

The only problem is this year there weren't as many trees available, with the nursery cutting back 10 per cent of its stock, Flynn said.

“So, I've had to get a little creative because it's the Frasers and the balsams in the regular six to eight foot that they're short.”

Instead he's got some smaller trees, from four to six feet tall and some larger ones, 10 to 12 feet.

Prices are from $45 for a smaller tree to $200 for a 12-foot Fraser.

Last year he said they were sold out by Dec. 12.

The fundraiser also has a massive new 60-foot sign out front that says “CHRISTMAS TREES” so there's no mistaking what's going on.

The sign is also a tribute to longtime Lions member John Skubel, who died in August. Skubel was the chair of the Christmas tree fundraiser back when there was a Virgil Lions Club, Flynn says. 

“After Johnny passed away I decided to squirrel a little money away each month so I could have a proper sign that you can see on 55. It's 60 feet long, four feet wide, and I did it specifically in memory of John Skubel and we made sure that we put that on the bottom of it as well. It's my tribute to Johnny.”

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