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Friday, December 9, 2022
Editorial: Nursery school, poppies and more

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a community that comes together when people are in need. We've seen that time and time again, and it doesn't really get old, because it's a part of what this town is all about.

Now is one of those times where help is needed, only this time it's the community that needs help.

The Niagara Nursery School has been a part of the fabric of the Niagara-on-the-Lake community for 48 years (I went there, when it was at Parliament Oak).

The school, a registered charity, is launching a major fundraiser for its $2-million expansion at the community centre. The expansion will cut down the student waitlist which is currently at 140 kids, and will provide a safe, licensed daycare and early education for kids in our community. 

Whether you have kids or not, this is something we should all support. It helps attract new families to the area and provides for our next generation.

So, here's a call to the community to support the school. We challenge everyone in town to make a donation, however big or small, to support the future of the NOTL community.

You could have fun with it, too. Why not get the family involved and hold your own little fundraiser? Maybe a little bake sale (COVID safe)? Or some nursery school bracelets or masks to sell? Maybe a virtual talent show? Surely there are some creative minds out there.

Or just drop off a cheque.

Either way, let's see how fast this community can make the goal of $100,000 happen for the nursery school. And if you do something creative to fundraise, send some pictures to The Lake Report. We'd love to see them!

On another note, because there's so much good going on in the community right now, in the spirit of NOTL, we'd like to salute:.

* The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 124 members and staff, for running a great poppy drive — if you haven't gotten a poppy, please pick one up and make a donation. Poppies are available across town at many businesses.

* The NOTL Rotary Club for raising $66,000 for World Polio Month. Because of efforts like theirs the world is 99 per cent free of wild polio virus.

* The long list of NOTL volunteer firefighters who received honours for their combined 200-plus years of service last week, including Dave Jones and Frank Digweed, who have each given 40 years to the fire department.

* NOTL's longterm care homes, which since the start of the pandemic, have remained coronavirus-free.

* The business community of NOTL, which has been fighting to survive this pandemic. Check out some of those businesses in our Shop Local campaign and the organizations helping The Lake Report sponsor the project. If you own a business that you'd like to see featured, send us an email. We're publishing free mini-profiles of businesses for 10 weeks, or longer, to help give back to the business community that so generously supports our publication.