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Saturday, March 25, 2023
Mystery pumpkins show up on NOTL lawns

The mystery of the pumpkin pusher has neighbours both curious and thankful for a kind fall gesture.

Someone, somewhere, is dropping off pumpkins around town — or at least to a couple of streets in the Homestead neighbourhood of Virgil.

Steve Beattie, who lives on Autumn Place, said on Sunday he and neighbours discovered three pumpkins on each of their properties.

He said his neighbour called in the morning to ask if he was the culprit.

“(He) calls me and asked me if I dropped off three pumpkins. Only for the fact our son has a small little hobby farm in Dunnville and we've given him some corn stocks and some gourds,” Beattie said.

But Beattie didn't do it — the mystery got deeper.

“So then yesterday, I was talking to my next door neighbor June Davies and she said that she saw a white truck with a trailer, sometime Saturday afternoon to late evening in the cul de sac with three offshore workers delivering and everybody got three pumpkins.”

He said from what he could tell their whole cul de sac got pumpkins, as well as the next street over.

“I call it the Pumpkin Fairy.”

While the true motive of the Pumpkin Fairy is unclear, Beattie suspects it is a way to spread seasonal cheer.

“(It's) just a really nice gesture,” Beattie said.

“Especially in the times we've had, it shows that there's some good here.”

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