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Thursday, December 7, 2023
Letter: Why not unite the Jewish and Muslim community?
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Dear editor:

I am neither Jewish nor Muslim, but I applaud the attempt of Alana Hurov to form a local Jewish community, (“As war rages, Jewish woman seeks solace in her community,” The Lake Report, Oct. 19).

However, think how much more beneficial it could be if she formed a Jewish/Muslim community.

Because parents all want the same for their kids: peace, safety and freedom to practise their religion, while children just want to play, have fun and make friends with everyone.

Many years ago, we were on a hiking holiday in Turkey when we were stranded in a remote mountain village.

We were able to find tea, which the local men of the village shared with us on a rough wooden trestle table beside the wood-burning stove.

The local imam, who was invited to join us, offered to lead us through a Muslim service in the local mosque.

After they had found a variety of head scarves for the six women and we had all abandoned our hiking boots, we were proudly led into the mosque.

With our bilingual English guide as interpreter, we followed a typical service.

The theme of the message was that we could all live together in harmony if we just listened and tried to understand the other point of view.

In our free, multicultural country, maybe we could establish a Jewish/Muslim movement where we could “listen and try to understand the other point of view.”

Why not lead the way in Niagara-on-the-Lake?

Hazel Milne
St. Davids

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