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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Letter: Why does town even have power to license B&Bs?
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Dear editor:

This letter is further to the dispute involving the lord mayor’s husband and neighbours who lost their bed and breakfast licence and The Lake Report’s July 28 editorial, “Let the sunshine in.”

I might be an outlier morally and politically but why hasn’t anyone in the media questioned why the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has the right to license bed and breakfast operations in the first place?

What inalienable right empowers any municipality with this responsibility?

If I want people staying in my home, what business is it of the town’s? As in any civil dispute, if the B&B violates the rights of their neighbours, let the neighbours sue them.

This might be my bias speaking – with the cost of housing being at immoral levels (due to government manipulating the demand and supply curves of the housing market), therefore, living with my parents – but, again, what inalienable right empowers the town to restrict having someone live in their garage?

No rights are being violated and, if they are, that’s what we have a legal system for.

Don’t make anonymous complaints – sue them in civil court.

Alexander Evans