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Letter: What’s that building and how could it be used?
Letter writer Carroll Baker is intrigued by this building near Fort George and how it might be better utilized. SUPPLIED

Dear editor:

On our glorious fall walk this past week, we passed (for the umpteenth time) a structure behind Fort George and I asked myself and my husband Ted, “What is this and what was its purpose?”

No doubt some very lucky architect was handsomely rewarded for designing this unique structure which I am guessing might be from the ’80s or ’90s.

There is no signage and the building is sealed tight.

Many garage-type doors obviously offer a unique indoor/outdoor experience and peeking in as best I could, it appears lots of seating, probably a kitchen and no doubt some bathroom facilities.

Lots of picnic tables are set up outside and there is a rooftop “garden.” I wonder, is there not an opportunity to reuse this space? Is it government-owned and does anyone know the back story or, more importantly, future plans for it?

I know that change does not come easily to this town but I wondered if this unique architecture could come back to life as … a very casual tea house?

Think the ones you find in Switzerland – not for a fancy High Tea but rather a place to get a hot chocolate, cold drink, coffee or tea and a homemade sandwich, sweet treat or croissant. Maybe an ice cream.

It might take some pressure off Queen Street, offer something different and allow more people to enjoy the beautiful open spaces behind the fort.

By the way, I am not offering to run this but perhaps one of our fabulous pastry establishments in town might be interested. The Sweets & Swirls Café at the community centre does an amazing job!!! 

As I am very well known for saying, “Just an idea …”

Carroll Baker

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