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Monday, March 20, 2023
Letter: Town leaders give in to SORE tactics
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

The group SORE has initiated a worrisome precedent in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

SORE stands for Save Our Rand Estate. When has this group taken legal ownership of the Rand Estate?

This means they can declare themselves owners of any property in our community and proceed to bully any of us with the blessings and support of the mayor and council if we do not follow their agenda.

For years we taxpayers have been paying for the town’s expensive legal battle with the Marotta family, with no end insight.

I have worked as a consultant for the Marottas and I find SORE’s tactics terrifying.

When the Rand was purchased by the Marottas, SORE organized a protest at the community centre resembling a lynch mob.

People were worked up to a disturbing frenzy, screaming hateful insults at the family who were present. So much for being a welcoming community of inclusion and acceptance.

SORE supporters claim to be protective of “their” Rand Estate but are asking there to be a road entrance cut straight into the middle of the estate to access the development at the rear of the property.

The development has its own access of 66 feet from John Street between the Rand Estate and the McArthur property (previous residence of Trisha Romance).

So much for caring about the trees or damage to the grounds. Their hypocrisy is pathetic.

I say, enough!

This has been an orchestrated political ploy and grandstanding from the beginning. Our town is plagued with so many problems and within the last four years few have been addressed or settled.

It feels like a battlefield at times and disagreements are mounting. The lord mayor and council have been too busy appeasing a select group at our expense.

It’s time for a change, time we elect a leader who is not in over their head, who keeps deflecting and giving us mundane political platitudes.

We need someone who cares about everyone’s needs, who promotes harmony peace and prosperity for our beloved beautiful town.

Those complaining should have done their homework before buying in the area. If they had they would have known one day they would have new neighbours.

Maybe the real problem is they just don’t like new people in town very much.

Sil Ranucci

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