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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Letter: Tennis, sailing clubs did superb job hosting Summer Games
Editorial. Supplied

Dear editor:

I want to congratulate both the NOTL Tennis Club and NOTL Sailing Club for their superb efforts to host the Canada Summer Games.

I’m told the two venues were considered the very best for this year’s games.

Despite the issues surrounding the Niagara Summer Games and the dysfunction of their organizing committee and board, it would appear NOTL rose to the occasion.

I’m very happy for the participants and their families who were a able to compete so successfully.

Most of the participants will not compete above this level again and very few will make an Olympic team in the future.

Both the federal and provincial governments provided millions of dollars for the Games to happen. I’m hoping as a result there will be some type of long-term legacy for Niagara.

Well done athletes.

Glenn Young