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Letter: Speak up now about inappropriate projects in Old Town
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I am not against development if the project fits the neighbourhood. But the Mary Street apartment proposal is massive and towers over the whole neighbourhood.

Imagine putting something like Queen’s Landing Hotel on that lot with the entire surrounding neighbourhood being two storeys.

Except Queen’s Landing is only three storeys. The apartment proposal is four storeys.

I know design is always a matter of opinion, but this project seems out of place, poorly thought-out and an architectural mess.

It is a threat to the neighbourhood and if some restrictions or some changes are not put in place by the town, we are in big trouble.

Developers and their cash, that’s all it seems to take to rubber stamp any of these offensive proposals that we are told we need in historic areas.

Regarding the Parliament Oak hotel proposal, we already have at least six other hotels within shouting distance of each other in our Old Town historic area, plus other nearby accommodations.

The hotel is out of place, a massive four-storey building towering over a historic two-storey neighbourhood.

It is really completely unacceptable, in my view. However, to be fair, the actual design and overall look of the hotel may fit in some other location. But not in this low, two-storey residential area.

High-end lawyers and endless cash seem to be part of the developers’ pressure kit.

Some real second thought and rethinking here is absolutely essential.

If the saying “Getting one foot in the door” applies here then we are in big trouble and there will be no stopping these badly thought-out and inappropriate proposals from happening all over town – maybe in your own backyard.

Now is the time to speak up. No second chances here.

Christopher Allen

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