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Letter: Sculpture at new downtown plaza has a calming energy
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Dear editor:

After reading Christopher Allen’s Jan. 12 letter (“Sculpture seems out of place at new retail plaza,”) about the sculpture at the new retail development on Queen Street, I was intrigued.

My initial thoughts after looking at the picture of the piece were: 1. This is a First Nation artist and that’s one big piece of soapstone, and 2. I see waves, like the lake.

Perhaps this piece represents Lake Ontario? I’d really like to learn more and think it’s lovely.

Then I read the letter.

I tried to look at the development on Queen Street, but the construction barriers are still in place, so I can only judge from a distance.

Visually the new construction blends in seamlessly with the historic stores. The colours look strong and vibrant.

I like that the art piece is white and has a calming energy.

It can be hard to have an overall view until we’re standing in the space.

I’ll see how I feel about it when the plaza opens. Until then, I’ll continue to admire it from a distance.

Lara Davidson

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