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Friday, March 31, 2023
Letter: Professional baseball’s sad lack of sportsmanship
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Dear editor:

It happened again this past weekend as Major League Baseball began its annual march to the World Series by staging four mini-series for the wild card qualifiers.

In each series, the final game produced the same reactions: the winning team dancing around in celebration, throwing on their winning T-shirts and hats, while the losers sat in their dugout, watching forlornly in despair for several minutes before turning and trooping into their dressing rooms to “drown their sorrows.”

Of the four major sport leagues in North America, baseball is the only one where there never is an exchange of congratulations when all is said and done.

In the National Football League, after pummelling each other into the gridiron for a solid 60 minutes, players always congratulate/console one another post-game by shaking hands and often embracing their opponents.

In the National Basketball Association, after going “toe-to-toe” for 48 minutes, elbowing one another and throwing their weight around, the players always congratulate/console one another afterward by shaking hands and also often embracing their opponents.

Even the National Hockey League, during the playoff season, after a series of punishing body checks, high sticks and sometimes “fisticuffs,” always form lines and wish the winners the best of success in the next round.

Why can’t MLB follow suit?

Amateur ballplayers, from the Timbits level to super seniors slo-pitch teams always form a handshake line after each game, often exchanging high fives with their opponents.

Why can’t the professionals, who are watched and admired by millions of fans from youngsters to old-timers, not set a good example by doing likewise?

This strikes me as so sad, so pathetic, so disappointing and so disgusting.

When will the MLB top brass finally see the light and correct this gross lack of good sportsmanship?

Ted Wiens

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