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Monday, February 6, 2023
Letter: Piles of trash let skunks dine out at ‘Queen Street Buffet’
On Queen Street this past Sunday night, a skunk scavenges for something to eat in the garbage put out by one of the downtown businesses. Sandi Johnston

Dear editor:

Late at night, when we travel along Queen Street, we often see legions of skunks dining on the garbage put out by our downtown restaurant and/or hotel operators.

The problem is obvious; the garbage is not secured in proper, animal-proof containers.

As the skunks enthusiastically tear into the garbage bags and cardboard boxes that likely contain food scraps or grease, we can’t help wonder how long before rats hear of the
Queen Street Buffet and board a bus from nearby cities where they are acknowledged as a growing problem.

When coyotes were appearing in town and facing off with people and pets, residents were advised not to put out garbage until the morning hours to prevent overnight scavenging.

Yet business owners in Niagara-on-the-Lake are allowed to put out their garbage in totally unsuitable containers.

In fact, we are surprised that the refuse collectors (who have to pick up this mess) haven’t complained to the town about the problem. Or, did they do so but
the town chose to give businesses a pass?

It’s time to mandate proper garbage containers for businesses before we create an even larger problem that we won’t like. Apologies to Pepe Le Pew and his entourage.

J. Richard Wright

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