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Letter of the Week: Tim’s customers, please dispose of litter properly
Tim Hortons cups collected on Lakeshore Road. SUPPLIED

Dear editor:

During a litter cleanup on Sunday, Oct. 22, along about a two-kilometre short stretch of Lakeshore Road leading into Old Town, more than 60 Tim Hortons cups (and lids) were picked up.

Several bags of litter were collected, including two bags filled with Tim Hortons garbage. Among the items were several lids with customers’ names written on them (such as Dom, Don and Dan).

This is disappointing and concerning behaviour. It is also disrespectful to the earth and the community, and contravenes the town’s littering bylaw.

So, to Tim Hortons customers (like Dom, Don and Dan), I say, please do not litter. Respect the earth, community and yourself. Properly dispose of your waste and recycling in designated containers.

To the management and staff of Tim Hortons at Mary and Mississagua streets, I say please raise customer awareness and remind them to dispose of cups and lids properly.

They should never toss them out of their car or truck window into our beautiful natural green spaces and watersheds.

This is unsightly and a significant environmental concern, especially with the ecological degradation impacts of unsustainable single-use plastics and other materials.

Please be a responsible corporate citizen and try to ensure your product, which includes single-use containers and lids, does not litter the landscape.

It is sad and disappointing to see this level of uncaring, irresponsible behaviour.

I hope Tim Hortons customers and others will take more care and try to do better.

Irena Bliss

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