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Friday, March 31, 2023
Letter: NOTL needs to solve pickleball’s court problem
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Having recently spent a few weeks in Grand Cayman, I recognized how popular the sport of pickleball has become.

I’m told it’s now the fastest-growing sport in North America and I’m not surprised.

A simple, inexpensive game that cannot only be good for you health-wise, but can be a great way to socialize with friends.

In Cayman, pickleball has taken over the island, now with more participants than tennis or golf.

Public and private courts are everywhere.

So, why have we been so restricted in NOTL. My understanding: one individual noise complaint shut down the outdoor courts. How silly.

It’s time the parties come together and figure out a reasonable solution. Playing in an indoor arena in the summer is not the right one.

Can we not find an appropriate site? I’d be first to put my hand up to help fund it. Maybe it could be a joint venture with the tennis club.

I have no doubt in the next couple of years, the club will appreciate the popularity of the sport and consider allocating one or two of its courts to pickleball.

Two weeks ago I watched more than 20 new pickleball participants learn the sport at the community centre.

NOTL is hosting a major tournament in June, though sadly, it will be inside an arena.

Glenn Young

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