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Letter: Not everyone at fundraiser got to meet Princess Sophie
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Last week’s edition of The Lake Report carried a story and photos of the gala fundraiser reception and banquet sat Queen’s Landing for the Lincoln & Welland Regiment Foundation Senate, (“Princess Sophie tours Inniskillin, attends gala during visit to NOTL“).

Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa noted that “everyone” was greeted by Princess Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, who is the regiment’s honorary colonel.

Not so.

I bought a ticket for $275 and was excluded from the reception.

On complaining, the reply was that I was “misinformed” and only donors of more than $1,000 were allowed to “meet and greet” the duchess or our lieutenant-governor. That happened at a special reception in another area of Queen’s Landing.

To add insult, they refunded my ticket, as a store might on complaint of purchase of a bad piece of meat.

I will continue to send my money in future as I support their recruiting and education work, but I will not be silenced.

Elizabeth Oliver-Malone

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