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Friday, December 8, 2023
Letter: No opposition to the roundabout? Not a chance
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

So, Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa says residents aren’t opposed to a St. Davids roundabout, (“Owners worry roundabout will kill St. Davids businesses,” Oct. 26).

He doesn’t feel there is massive opposition to it. He has talked to hundreds of people about it. I say bull roar.

I live in Cannery Park in St. Davids: 249 households and not one person I have talked to is in favour of this monstrosity. I have not seen Zalepa’s curly little head once in our neighbourhood.

In fact, since he was elected lord mayor, he has been so busy being a part-time lord mayor that Coun. Erwin Weins has done a lot of pinch-hitting for him.

When he was the regional councillor, I reached out to him about my opposition to the roundabout and never heard back from him.

He is hell-bent on plunking a large roundabout in the middle of a historic village. Yes, there is a place for roundabouts, but not in this spot.

There is no room. Pedestrians will be in danger and local businesses in trouble. How about at York Road and Concession 6?

Any studies on the intersection never went as far as the school to the west or Cannery Park to the east. The cost of it will be monumental.

The landowners don’t want to sell. People don’t want it. So, Lord Mayor Zalepa, stop having your little hissy fits and start listening to your residents.

Janet Guy
St. Davids

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