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Friday, June 2, 2023
Letter: Mayor and would-be mayor both failed to deliver
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Dear editor:

It’s not very often that members of Niagara-on-the-Lake council give us a twofer, that is, two items that present examples of their quality of leadership.

At this point in the Oct. 24 municipal election campaign it’s not often that incumbents provide us an opportunity of why not to support them in their future campaigns.

Gary Zalepa, as our regional councillor, failed by not providing leadership on the issue of the official plan to regional council and now he is running for lord mayor.

Our current lord mayor, Betty Disero, failed by not providing a clear understanding of our community’s needs regarding the old Niagara-on-the-Lake hospital site, yet she believes she deserves re-election.

As The Lake Report noted last week, all proposals for the hospital site were rejected by council.

And then there is our council in general for not ensuring the town’s official plan, which it passed in 2019, is in accordance with the the regional plan and the requirements of our provincial Planning Act.

It as now been sent back to the town for “significant” revisions.

If you have followed the history on this item, much of it was political expediency, and the balance neglect.

Don’t blame staff and our levels of government, it is beneath you all.

As for the issue of the old hospital site, just enter into a partnership with the nearby Shaw Festival to develop a new theatre to expand the existing complex.

As the future evolves, technical innovation and theatrical requirements also will evolve to make this art form more attractive to growing tourism.

There is a reason why all levels of government support the Shaw. Why can’t our own town council?

Derek Insley

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