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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Letter: Marotta’s approach and type of development is what people dislike
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Dear editor:

In response to the Nov. 17 letter from developer Benny Marotta (“Hoping new council will be open to discussions on development,“), first let me say I do not belong to the SORE group.

I read this Trumpian-style letter regarding working with the new council on development. From your engagement with the previous council it would appear this means doing it the Marotta way or we go to court.

Perhaps if you worked with the town in a way that supports the heritage and quaintness of Niagara-on-the-Lake, you would have more success.

As the owner of Two Sisters winery, a new one coming next summer, the old Mori Gardens property and now the Parliament Oak site, I would have thought maintaining the look that has brought people to this town and the business they bring would be a good reason for you to work with that.

The town doesn’t need a seven-storey Holiday Inn-style hotel nor a Scarborough-like subdivision on the Rand Estate. Those coming to this town to build oversized houses and modern box-type houses are also harming the town’s look.

I don’t think the town is against development but rather the type of development you are trying to bring in.

Taking everything to court when you don’t get your own way instead of listening to what the townsfolk are saying is needed and delivering that doesn’t bring you and your family any good will.

It might lead people to think that you and your family are the bullies.

I, too, look forward to you and council being able to work together so as not to cost you or the town a fortune in legal expenses and bring the type of development to the town that doesn’t take away those elements that make people want to live and visit here.

Doug Johnson

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