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Monday, September 26, 2022
Letter: Make East-West Line preferred route to Old Town
Editorial. Supplied
Dear editor:

I don’t understand how and why people think that suggesting Charlotte Street as a preferred route into Old Town is the best solution to a growing traffic problem.

The current route that threads through Niagara and Rye streets doesn’t make sense.

Why would it make better sense to reroute it through another residential street that has already become a speedway at the best of times.

Yes, it’s wide, there are no four-way stops or speed bumps, but the entire length of Charlotte Street is lined with homes.

It also leads to several pathways and directly into the Commons.

There are families, retirees, bed and breakfasts, and generally a lot of bicycle and foot traffic that would be affected very negatively if it were the designated route.

Why has nobody suggested that East and West Line just be the favoured route?

It is the safest and most direct path into Old Town. (In reality, the most direct would actually be to follow Hwy. 55 straight down to Queen Street, but for some reason no one seems to address this.)

On East and West Line, there are no pedestrians, there are no four-way stops and it’s very easy to navigate.With the current proposal for the Rand Estate having an entrance at the lower end of Charlotte Street near Paffard, adding more cars and traffic, it just makes no sense for Charlotte to be the preferred route to Old Town.

While we’re on the topic, why aren’t the side streets around Queen Street four-way stops at every intersection? Prideaux, Gate, etc. should all be four-way stops.

So many drivers just fly through these intersections near the golf course and it’s an accident just waiting to happen.

Can we get a little more common sense in council for this next election?

Michael Alberstat