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Monday, September 25, 2023
Letter: Let residents have final say on development plans
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

In his letter to the editor, developer Benny Marotta says, “A dark cloud has been lifted from Niagara on the Lake,” (“Hoping new council will be open to discussions on development,” Nov. 17).

Now, that’s quite a statement coming from a person who has not contributed one iota to the welfare of this town.

How dare he criticize past Lord Mayor Betty Disero for not giving in to his bullying and saying he hopes our new elected council will allow him to “bring forward beautiful additions to our town.”

Let’s look at one of the beautiful additions he proposed.

He bought a three-acre site on Anne Street where he put forward a (beautiful addition) five-storey apartment block that would tower over the entire town.

He fought hard to get it and residents fought hard to stop it, which we did. In his mind he was thinking what a wonderful contribution he was offering.

He was turned down and eventually built 65 townhouses, not affordable housing but expensive housing that local young people could never afford.

In his opinion, it was done to improve the Old Town and the welfare of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Oh, and make money.

He then goes on to say SORE (Save Our Rand Estate), backed by Disero, has been ruthless to his family.

Marotta, the likes of SORE and our hard-working former lord mayor’s whole intention was to keep this town from looking like Brampton or Bramalea, which you are hell bent on doing with your multiple housing schemes.

Let’s pray our new council will stave off your “beautiful additions.”

In my opinion, such controversial proposals that developers make should go to a town referendum that takes the onus and threats of court action away.

Let the town people have the final say.

Keith Williams

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