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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Letter: How about a few dedicated parking spots for seniors over 70?
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Dear editor:

This is an open letter to our next mayor and council members.

This is not the first time I have requested that elected officials dedicate a limited number of parking spaces in Old Town, behind the old courthouse, for our resident senior citizens over age 70.

These spaces would be free and available for up to two hours with a town-issued, free window pass.

Our merchants and Chamber of Commerce, supported by our local media, call on the community to shop locally to support our economy.

Clearly parking is a major concern and is front and centre in presentations by all the candidates seeking election.

All residents experience parking difficulties, including those with passes. Accordingly, approving this request is a no-brainer, low-hanging fruit (easy) decision and should be passed early by the new council.

Tougher decisions take longer and typically we kick the can down the road.

This request was in concert with extending the parking time to two hours for residents who purchase the current one-hour annual passes.

Again the reasoning is that one hour is insufficient to support our local merchants, have a coffee and sandwich etc. without having to rush out and feed the parking meter to avoid a parking ticket.

That is a turnoff for many wishing to shop and socialize in town. Instituting passes for those over 70 is an opportunity to do something positive for resident taxpayers, as opposed to all things tourism.

Samuel Young


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