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Letter: Good sound is important, but not too loud, please
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Kudos to columnist Ross Robinson for his Ramble on sound quality, (Ross’s Ramblings, “For important occasions, let’s avoid the sounds of silence,” The Lake Report, Dec. 1).

Good sound reproduction is critical to both oratory and music, yet so often overlooked.

Many adults have some form of hearing impairment and some of us are used to filling in the blanks when we hear amplified mumbling or we join the “What did he say?” crowd.

My complaint leans the other way – to excessive volume.

I have left many venues due to the ear-damaging volume. I have also noticed others voting their displeasure with their feet.

Wedding receptions are a classic example.

This is where long-out-of-touch relatives get to finally reconnect. It’s so wonderful to see them outside the hall talking, although a few of them may stay inside and shout to each other over the chicken dance.

I learned long ago to travel fully equipped with ear plugs, hearing aids and walking shoes.

Thank you Ross for your perceptions.

Joost Vandelinde
St. Davids

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