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Friday, March 31, 2023
Letter: Gambling on sports and on our future
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Dear editor:

Ross’s Ramblings regarding Wayne Gretzky promoting betting on sports made interesting reading, (“Using hockey stars to promote gambling is offensive,” Oct. 6).

I have been thinking the same thing for quite some time.

I loved Aaron Paul, one of the stars of the series “Breaking Bad,” but it disturbed me to see him doing these ads as well – although he would fit right in with our Ontario cannabis if it advertised.

Apparently betting is more fun and easier with Bet365.

It is all over the world and was started by the wealthy Coates family in the U.K. People all over the world, it seems, know all about Bet365 and its success. (For whom?)

I’m so simple, as I enjoyed going to the casino once or twice a year and win a little on the slots. And horse racing was fun – $20, 10 races and come home with $14 maybe.

If I can just bet on my phone, it doesn’t seem to be quite so exciting, but maybe that’s because I’m not that hooked. I want some excitement for my $20.

I’m disappointed that our province is well-known mostly for wine, beer, cannabis and betting. Not much else.

Certainly not our health system, which is a totally different matter. Or maybe we are all betting on whether we get taken care of properly in that department.

Sandie Schulz

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