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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Letter: Electric cars not the answer for many people – or the environment
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Dear editor:

Re: NOTL Hydro president Tim Curtis’s guest column “The future is electric vehicles and NOTL Hydro is getting ready,” (The Lake Report, Jan. 19), let’s not fool ourselves.

Current electric cars are nowhere near the answer for the average person or for our environment.

They are far more expensive than internal combustion vehicles, even with huge government subsidies for manufacturing and purchasing.

Installation of home electric charging stations is expensive. Trade-in value at the expiry of the lithium battery is next to nothing.

Battery mileage in our climate is limited. We need heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer and this severely depletes battery charge.

Is it green? Lithium production is one of the most dirty and poisonous refining methods in the world today.

I dread the first major pile-up on today’s highway with multiple lithium-powered cars; it will take days to clean lithium spillage off our highways.

The manufacturing of electric cars has the same CO2 footprint as the internal combustion vehicle.

The increased need for electricity will negate any CO2 reduction with EV vehicles.

Greg Flis

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