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Letter: Ditches need to be cleared of trees and debris
A photo illustration of a dirty ditch. MIDJOURNEY

Dear editor:

This is in response to self-described tree hugger Mary Kilmer whose letter, “What’s not to like about trees?” appeared in the Feb. 15 edition of The Lake Report.

Thank you for helping me make my point. You misunderstood the intent of my original letter, “Sometimes trees just need to be taken down,” (Feb. 1).

Tree huggers are so worried about the trees, they refuse to see the reality of the situation.

I did not say I do not like trees. Having been part of a family farm operation, I have probably hugged way more trees than you ever have.

Walk the Upper Canada Heritage Trail south from Charlotte Street and look left and right.

You cannot allow trees, stumps and deadfall to remain in ditches. It defeats the purpose of the ditches. You do not plant trees too close or under main hydro lines.

Did you not notice all the standing water during that last heavy rain and warm spell? We have lots of ditches and drains in this town that need to be cleaned.

Kip  Voege

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