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Letter: Sometimes, trees just need to be taken down
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Dear editor:

The fact that some people have nothing better to do with their time than complain about the removal of trees on other people’s property, just amazes me.

Look at town council’s time being wasted, when there are so many more serious issues they should be dealing with.

Every building, every orchard and vineyard is built on land where trees have been removed in this town.

Many of the trees were hundreds or even thousands of years old. There are more orchards and vineyards in town than ever. Are these not trees?

We never had a problem with trees in this town until the tree huggers moved in. If they want to save a neighbour’s trees then, they should buy the adjoining lots or properties.

If a tree can lead to damaging a building or infrastructure in any way, it should come down. No one should have to pay to have someone make a report to say they can take down a tree.

There are trees along the Upper Canada Heritage Trail that need to come down because they are interfering with a main hydro transmission line.

Do you wait until they take down the line in a storm and we are without power for days? You take them down and replace them where they do not interfere with anything.

The trees along the heritage trail from Charlotte Street south are almost all from natural regeneration.

When the railway was running along that route, all the ditches and the railroad right of way were kept clear of trees.

Trees growing in ditches and dead fall branches from them impede water flow and defeat the purpose of the ditches.

They have just planted replacement trees along this section of the trail. Some are planted under the hydro line again. What a waste of time and money.

Trees have been regenerating themselves for millions of years.

I do not know a farmer who does not like trees. They just have to be the right kind and in the right place.

No one understands the environmental issues and climate change better than most farmers, because they are dealing with them every day.

Kip Voege

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