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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Letter: Burroughs has shown he deserves our trust
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Regarding your story, “NOTL asks OPP to investigate after developer gave $10,000 to town councillor,” (The Lake Report, March 23), one must leave it to the police and prosecutors to determine the motives of a developer in tucking $10,000 in cash into an envelope and giving it to one of our elected officials and telling him to open it when he got home.

However, one thing that is perfectly clear is the sterling ethical character of Coun. Gary Burroughs.

He has served our community faithfully over the past quarter-century as lord mayor, regional councillor and now town councillor.

He deserves our thanks for his faithful service.

Now, in addition to that appreciation, he has demonstrated that he deserves our trust due to the way he has handled being placed in this unwanted position.

As such, who can deny that Mr. Burroughs will do the right thing and faithfully exercise his duties and discretion without bias in sitting on the municipal heritage committee and helping the town decide the disposition of Benny Marotta’s proposals for the Rand Estate and Parliament Oak applications?

Bob Bader

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